I have woren this outfit before, the only things I added were, bunch of undershirts, tights, long socks, a scarf and a blazer. Also I had a coat on but, I took it off for the shoot. Can this cold ever leave? I have not been able to wear any of my dresses. 

top:Walmart,jeans: AE, blazer: MOS,boots: Target (DC), scarf: Ross

I had to meet with some people at the office today (for my husband) and this look kindda played the part. It has the tough, yet girly (hot pink) look. Which is sort of the look I was going for... Don't mess with me kindda look.

Then Lilly and I went to "eat fresh" at our favorite fast food place and bare the cold in there..

After we went home to take"the nap". It was well needed..if you know what I mean!
Oh! check out the color of my nails...yeah, they're RED. HA! but hey, what does my look say?? huh??
Don't Mess With ME! 
Ladies, Enjoy your weekend! I'm so glad it's finally Friday!! What are your plans for this weekend?
Much Love,


Stylepint said...

Great pop of color with the pink scarf! =)

Beverly said...

Thank you! I love pink!

Rachel said...

Your remix is going so well. I can't wait to see the next outfit. Ps the little one (from the other post) is sweet. Happy v-day.