top: MOS, trousers: Express, shoes: Guess

Enjoying my Saturday with friends and family, had a great lunch and now we're all just relaxing. The sun finally made its way out and it looks really nice outside, still pretty cold but it's bearable. I wasn't sure what to wear today until I looked at Linley's outfit, then I knew what I was wearing. My wide leg trousers! I got these pants like.. three years ago at Express and I have to say it was a great investment. I might need to buy me another the future though, no spending  money for the next 30 days..well technically 25 days.
I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far!
Much Love,


Linley said...

that is a gorgeous colored top! you look lovely!

Beverly said...

Thank you Linley! :)

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

i love these pants! i've been on the look-out for this same style in denim, but no luck so far.

Beverly said...

I got these 3 yrs ago at Express, i really like them.

hurricanekerrie said...

I agree with you about the pants. I've always gravitated towards flared and wide-legged pants to balance my hips and now, they're back in style! Woohoo!

BABI said...

Hi Beverly! You've got two awards from me! I love your blog that's why you deserved to have those.
Congratulations! check them out for rules!
Happy blogging! :-)


Collette Osuna said...

Pretty sweater...LOVE your shoes!!

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