I got the..


From this lovely lady of when Babi speaks, so thank you Babi for the awards!

Seven Facts About ME!

1. I love to wear high heels!.. I think I would wear them everyday if I could.. 

2. I live in the US, love Canada, and I was born in Mexico.

3. I am addicted to Sweet Tea! ( I do need to drink more water though)

4. I secretly want to wear my wedding dress.. ALL the TIME!!
(this was not my wedding dress, but I found this picture earlier and I wanted to share it)

5. I only cook because I have to feed my family.
(Lilly is growing so fast, I wish she was this little again.)

6.  I want to move to Europe so I can dress up EVERY DAY!!

7. I am a SDA!

Now, I pass these awards to these lovely bloggers...

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Hannah said...

Wonderful facts, I wish I could wear heels every day but I'm rubbish and always get sore feet!! I really want to go to Canada and Mexico one day =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

SabinePsynopsis said...

Congratulations & thank you so much! It's always lovely to meet new bloggers and get to know them better. xo

Hanlie said...

Hi, I just found your blog and really love the way you dress. Very creative. I would never think to put some of the items together, but they really work. I am glad to find another SDA on here! So cool!