Edgy Librarian

top: Target, vest: MOS, jeans: Almost Famous (Ross), scarf: DC, shoes: Guess

   I was hoping on taking the pictures of my outfit outside, but the weather was not my best friend today. It has been raining and when it finally stopped the temperature dropped.  My husband came early from work so I was able to leave Lilly with him for a couple of hours. She's getting sick :( I pray she feels better soon. It hurts my heart whenever she's sick and I'm super healthy I wish I could take her place, I don't like it when she suffers.. I'm sure some of you can relate. 
 So my tripod and I went for a ride to find the "best" spot to set up. Nowhere special came to mind, everything was wet and it was getting colder by the minute. So to the  Library  I go.  I'm sure people were thinking; "what is she doing? Freak... I say Freak!!"Hey for the love of fashion I'm willing to go the extra mile. Ok.. so I was a bit embarrassed when people passed my aisle and looked at me weird but, who can blame them huh?! ;)
Well my lovelies ( i love that word) here is my first outfit of the challenge. When I was looking into my almost emptied closet, (I moved the rest of stuff into another closet, the clothes barely fit!) I was thinking how in the world will these items work together? Did I pick the right tops? But even though I have uncertainty of the combinations my closet will have to come up with for next 29 days, I will wear  my clothes with pride, with a humble attitude and a very grateful spirit. They are good picks. Why else would I have bought them to begin with if I didn't think so?.. Sorry I got a bit carried away, I think this last sentence is actually for me.
 I hope you guys are staying warm these crazy days. I will try to do my best on getting Lilly feeling better soon. 
Much Love,


MissRockwell said...

You look stunning. I love the librarian look on you!

Beverly said...

Thank you Miss Rockwell!! i hope you're enjoying your challenge too!

Elizabeth said...

Ooooo! I really really love this. I will likely be recreating this once the Challenge is over. Except I think I want to do it with a Navy button up underneath the Black vest. Ooo yes. Very excited about that.

Also, love Libraries. Most fantastical place on earth for sure. Good choices lady, very good choices.


Beverly said...

this is what's all bout; give each other ideas and converting the look into our own. I'm glad you like it Elizabeth.