dress: Ross, shoes: Kenneth Cole (gift from Mom), belt: DC

So I'm totally wearing a summer dress, bare legs and open toe low heel shoes in my WINTER EDITION 30X30! HA!! Who knew right?? But you all know my dress did make the cut for the challenge and it was a perfect pick. The weather if becoming close to perfect and thankfully I have clothes to wear without cheating by adding/buying new clothes.
Here you have the most awesome dress there is! cute in the winter, spring, summer, and fall! Also the color makes me wanna say: "Can I have ketchup with that please?!  (yes i love both; mustard & ketchup)
We had a great afternoon lunch in the park with friend and family.. *sigh* couldn't have asked for a better Sabbath afternoon.


Anonymous said...

That is a really cute dress!

Beverly said...

thank you! It's really comfortable.. :)