top: Gifted (Mom), skirt & sweater: MOS, boots: Target (DC),belt: Thrifted

My day started with running errands and I didn't have the chance to do my hair this morning, so after taking a shower I put my hair in a bun, you can tell how bad it looks.. oh well!.. carrying on. This is one of my favorite skirts, I love red and although it's a bit faded, I still like to wear it all the time (exactly why it's so faded). I've notice that on my pictures my make-up does not look as good as I like it to look, I know I don't do it a good as Flor J. but, I wish it would look better. Maybe it's my camera, it makes me look pale (I need a new one mi vida). 
Are you guys still freezing?? OMgoodness I know I am!! I wore socks underneath my tights, but you can't tell. I hope tomorrow gets better or the sun shares its warmth, just like on Sunday, and if it does I'll try to wear one of the dresses I picked for the challenge. 
I hope you guys are enjoying the challenge, I know it's only been few outfits but I'm still excited. Are you??
Stay true to yourself. 
Much Love, 

PS. What does red, blue, black, brown and gold have in common?? :D ...



Yay, for mixing colours. I think it's so much fun to break fashion rules! I just don't think that "they" are always right. You look fab! I too love to mix my colours. ;-) xx veronika

NanyBrazilian said...

who would've thought mixing this colors would work so well... love the sweater!!!

Alessandra said...

I'm a fellow rule breaker and just saw your outfit. I love love love that skirt - good for you for breaking rules to style it so beautifully!

Ashley J said...

Love that skirt and the belt, what a great thrifted find!