Step into the Blue

 dress: ? , shoes: Baker

Notice Lilly's pose... and me.. Oh my! You can also notice my double chin HA!! But I wanted to show you how my hair looked, since I put it up in bun because I got up kindda late, and after I took a shower a bun was the right thing to do. We needed to be out of the house!

I wish I could've taken some pictures of Lilly's outfit, she's wearing all black with RED shoes, and I'm wearing all blue with RED shoes..(one of my favorite pair btw).
I have to confess that I have use Lilly as an accessory before.. Am I a horrible mother or what??
But she is always with me, and ever since she was born I stopped carrying purses, so at least her outfit will match mine and that way we can both look cute and chic.


Anonymous said...

You both look beautiful. Love the simplicity and refinement of your dress. No double chin on my screen, young lady!

Beverly said...

aww!! Kris you totally made my day with your comment! Thank you :)