Christmas Break and Update

Getting ready for Christmas isn't always fun, but I long for the family time and the time off school..
It's been a while since I've been here, well I have been on blogger but, mostly to check on other bloggers. I have to update you guys on what's going on in my life..I'll be "short and sweet".

  I got in the Nursing programs and life change big time for us, I got accepted in another town so I had to moved close to school. I was willing to commute but, we decided to just move and visit my husband on the weekends.
School is fun, I enjoy it very much. My life is school, books, coffee, study, and more study. Also, my mom is taking care of Lilly so we're are covered.  It's a big change for us but...

So, I've always wanted nothing more than to become a nurse so, I'm going for my dream..that's the only way it will come true. 
What else? Well I'm off for Christmas break and  I decided to post something on EMPHASIS
I'm have to get ready becuase Lilly wants to go to the library, but I'll leave you guys with this "outfit" post.
You might not see much of what I'm wearing but here it is.
It feels good writing here again..

dress: DC, blazer: Thirfted,