Burlap Wreath Project

I had been on Pinterest lately looking ta some wreaths, there are so many pretty ones, and the more pretty they are, the more expensive the are. I decided I was going to try to buy one from a local shop and well, the prices weren't very appealing even with a 30% off. So, I decided to give it a try and do it myself!
This is how it all went..
I youtubed some videos on how to make a wreath at the last minute before starting this project and well, I saw few but I ended up just going with it and filling on any empty areas I saw as I went around it.
I'm loving the results, still looking for some extra decorations to give it the Christmas feel. I chose burlap because it can go with every season! I can just take the gold out and add whatever.. 
Not bad!

I'm so proud of my new wreath!
I'm a new Do It Yourselfer addict!!

Remember This?

So I showed you how this used to look
This is how it looks now..

I recently started to decorate for Christmas, thus the golden angel next to the golden pumpkin. I think I like the gold theme decoration for this Christmas, with that said I will post a burlap wreath I have done for my front door. Getting in the Christmas decoration spirit...

Picture Frame Inspirations

          Image via Pinterest 

       Image via Pinterest 

        Image via Pinterest 

All but the big frames are from Target

The two big frames are actually a set of three, I bought them about seven to eight years ago. It was my first time hosting Thanksgiving and I wanted something to put on the bare walls of my Atlanta apartment, so I went with the black and white theme.. I guess we all have done the black and white theme once.. Right?
  Anyways, now these three are covered with a few layers of an aqua color I bought at Lowe's. I chose to hang two of them this time around, so far so good. I still have to add a picture to one of the frames, but I'm liking the results so far. 

Into It..

Location: Outside our City Library

Location: City Park

Location: City Park

This year I wanted us to get professional photographs for Christmas, and/or for our collection. We have never had a professional photographer take pictures of us and I really wanted this year to be our first. 
However, I haven't look for one yet to be honest, and I know my husband can take good photos... if he's really into it. That sounds kinda blunt (if he gets into it) but it's the truth. On our first year of marriage I would ask him to take pictures of me, us, anything and everything, but mainly of me (this was way before EMPHASIS by the way) so with all my requests... I drained him.  Now, if he gets into it I'm more than happy, and this is what happen on the days these pictures were taken. HE WAS INTO IT. 
We have FEW good pictures that I think we will choose from for our Christmas cards, but I wanted to share some with you. 
Anyways, this whole "story" just to say that now we won't get professional photos taken this year because my hubby took them for us.. 

Now that I think of it, maybe he had this thing all planned just so I don't spend money on a photographer.. Ah Ha!!
Well played mi vida, well played!

Thoughts.. Life Lately

Lately I've been giving in my creative side and well, I have also been stocking a new blogger, Jennifer from Withheart. The projects and ideas she gives in her blog are very easy and simple to make that the more I read through her blog from old to the latest projects, I can't help but to get my hands on some projects of my own.
Also, I have a confession to make... I've been thinking of not posting on EMPHASIS anymore. I know, I kinda stop few times, but I would try to post at least one outfit post once in a while. Now, I don't feel the urge to make sure I have my camera with me every time I put an outfit together. Also, although clothes continue to interest me and the love for improving my style is there, I don't feel as passionate as I did when I fist started this blog. The more time goes on, the more other things interest me..

 However, I started to think that just because my passion for a "style blog" wasn't there as strong as it used to be, I didn't have to completely give up posting on EMPHASIS. I've decided that I will post whatever interests me, and whenever. That way the feeling of pressure on having to post something on EMPHASIS doesn't take over.
Staring Now!

Porject #1 "Dinning Room"
I will leave you with this new addition to my teeny tiny house.

Bad Hair Day

With my little monkey.. when she saw this picture she said;
 "ha! Look mom you didn't hide the remote" yup, she is right.
top: Borrowed (Husband), boyfriend jeans: NY&CO, booties: Carlos Santana

So it's bad hair day for me today and what better way to cover it up than to wear a fedora hat, on this cool and windy, yet sunny day. Lilly and I had to run some errands for the hubs and she wanted to match with my outfit.. mainly the shoes.. I do like her ankle boots more than mine. She's always choosing her own clothes, and some days are better than others on the combinations she comes up with. She loves tutus, and I usually let her wear them whenever she wants, but today was "I want to wear my brown boots too"
So here you have us, running errands and covering a really bad hair day with a hat! Im pretty sure I'm not the only one who has done it and I'm sure I won't be the last!