Into It..

Location: Outside our City Library

Location: City Park

Location: City Park

This year I wanted us to get professional photographs for Christmas, and/or for our collection. We have never had a professional photographer take pictures of us and I really wanted this year to be our first. 
However, I haven't look for one yet to be honest, and I know my husband can take good photos... if he's really into it. That sounds kinda blunt (if he gets into it) but it's the truth. On our first year of marriage I would ask him to take pictures of me, us, anything and everything, but mainly of me (this was way before EMPHASIS by the way) so with all my requests... I drained him.  Now, if he gets into it I'm more than happy, and this is what happen on the days these pictures were taken. HE WAS INTO IT. 
We have FEW good pictures that I think we will choose from for our Christmas cards, but I wanted to share some with you. 
Anyways, this whole "story" just to say that now we won't get professional photos taken this year because my hubby took them for us.. 

Now that I think of it, maybe he had this thing all planned just so I don't spend money on a photographer.. Ah Ha!!
Well played mi vida, well played!

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