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Lately I've been giving in my creative side and well, I have also been stocking a new blogger, Jennifer from Withheart. The projects and ideas she gives in her blog are very easy and simple to make that the more I read through her blog from old to the latest projects, I can't help but to get my hands on some projects of my own.
Also, I have a confession to make... I've been thinking of not posting on EMPHASIS anymore. I know, I kinda stop few times, but I would try to post at least one outfit post once in a while. Now, I don't feel the urge to make sure I have my camera with me every time I put an outfit together. Also, although clothes continue to interest me and the love for improving my style is there, I don't feel as passionate as I did when I fist started this blog. The more time goes on, the more other things interest me..

 However, I started to think that just because my passion for a "style blog" wasn't there as strong as it used to be, I didn't have to completely give up posting on EMPHASIS. I've decided that I will post whatever interests me, and whenever. That way the feeling of pressure on having to post something on EMPHASIS doesn't take over.
Staring Now!

Porject #1 "Dinning Room"
I will leave you with this new addition to my teeny tiny house.

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