Burlap Wreath Project

I had been on Pinterest lately looking ta some wreaths, there are so many pretty ones, and the more pretty they are, the more expensive the are. I decided I was going to try to buy one from a local shop and well, the prices weren't very appealing even with a 30% off. So, I decided to give it a try and do it myself!
This is how it all went..
I youtubed some videos on how to make a wreath at the last minute before starting this project and well, I saw few but I ended up just going with it and filling on any empty areas I saw as I went around it.
I'm loving the results, still looking for some extra decorations to give it the Christmas feel. I chose burlap because it can go with every season! I can just take the gold out and add whatever.. 
Not bad!

I'm so proud of my new wreath!
I'm a new Do It Yourselfer addict!!

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