Somebody That I Used To Know


A Walk to Remember

 My lovelies..

Picture Taken by: Lilly N.

One day in Gulfport, the day was great to be at the beach, unfortunately the way the water looked ...humm how can I say it in the most simple way.. the water looked NASTY!! that's pretty simple.
Regardless of how the water actually looked, I enjoyed the time and the moments we had while being there. It was a one day thing but it was very much needed.. life is not going my way right now, so I will enjoy moments that I can get, even if it's a one day thing. I learn to appreciate these moments more as times passes by.

Little Sunshine

 jacket: Gap, skirt: Target (via DC), shoes: Lands'end 

Weather has been great, perfect to be outside and enjoy time with family.. four wheeler rides, late night swim and mini baseball game.. the possibilities can go on and on... unfortunately the weekend can't go on and on... three days max! 
Thankfully we spend it together and that's what counts.
I love these two.. but my little sunshine full of energy I love her even more!!

My Crazy Little Monkey

Here I am in my zone, taking pictures and just enjoying the nice sunny day. I honestly didn't notice Lilly in my background, as you can see in her little face she was having a good laugh about being in the background without me noticing her. 
 One of her little friends from church came around and started to play with her, I'm sure you can kindda see them behind me.
 blazer: Victoria's Secrete, skirt: Target & Scarf (via DC) shoes: JC Penny
 Until I found out they were eating some "blueberry's", so they said... "look mama blueberry's" unfortunately  weren't!!
Thankfully they didn't get a tummy ache.. 
It feels nice to be back with family and friends, honestly missed them A LOT!

Hair Cut

blazer and skirt: Target, shoes: Chinese Laundry 
There's a lot of things that are going on in my life right now, and it is one of the reason's why I've stop posting on EMPHASIS, but I did miss writing here and taking pictures..
I will be posting  sporadically because I do enjoy blogging. I hope you can understand, I should've told you guys sooner.
Oh yeah this is my new hair cut and color.. it's easy but I kindda regret it.