Bad Hair Day

With my little monkey.. when she saw this picture she said;
 "ha! Look mom you didn't hide the remote" yup, she is right.
top: Borrowed (Husband), boyfriend jeans: NY&CO, booties: Carlos Santana

So it's bad hair day for me today and what better way to cover it up than to wear a fedora hat, on this cool and windy, yet sunny day. Lilly and I had to run some errands for the hubs and she wanted to match with my outfit.. mainly the shoes.. I do like her ankle boots more than mine. She's always choosing her own clothes, and some days are better than others on the combinations she comes up with. She loves tutus, and I usually let her wear them whenever she wants, but today was "I want to wear my brown boots too"
So here you have us, running errands and covering a really bad hair day with a hat! Im pretty sure I'm not the only one who has done it and I'm sure I won't be the last!

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