top: Kohls, skirt, belt & blazer: Forever21, shoes: GUESS, clutch: DC

I have the best sister(s) in law!!! Yennsy who is my husband's middle-younger sister, is the one who send me this top as a gift. She is always sending Lilly stuff/clothes/toys etc.. Actually, she sends me and my husband stuff too, mainly just so we don't feel left out.
 Yennsy actually send me this top with a pair of white jeans, and I will have that outfit posted soon.
 As I was saying, the best sister(s) because my brother's wife Heidy, actually sends me stuff for Lilly as well, love all the super cute outfits she puts together.
 I have thanked them for all the stuff they spend to my little one, it truly makes me feel happy to know they care about her and try to spoiled her as much as I do.
Love you Yennsy and Heidy
Thank you both!

Purple Flowers

blazer: Forever 21 (Gifted), jeans: New York & Company, booties: BCBG, scarf: DC

Can you tell I'm sick? Not really huh? Well, I have the cough/cold..and some. My voice was gone since Saturday, it's coming back real s l o w... Which, I know my husband might be okey with that but, I miss it!
It's frustrating not being able to express yourself with words, or different sounds that mean something, like; Ha! uh? sounding like a  not making any sound! Thankfully it came back enough for me to be able to talk, a bit. I hope and pray that by next week Monday, I'm able to fully recover.
For now, I just want to wish you guys a happy Good Friday and a great long weekend!

p.s. The purple flowers are actually Lilly's, she shares with her mom. I've used this flowers twice now mainly because the happen to be in my favorite color.


blazer: Victoria Secrete, dress: Ross, shoes: Baker

The weather was great, so much so we went to the park for a picnic with friends. I did changed into a button up shirt and jeans with sandals right after this "photo shoot", and I wish I've taken a picture of that outfit because, I have wore that outfit twice and the same people have seen me with it on..TWICE!! They must think I don't do laundry... I did wash the outfit before putting it on... Just saying... in case you were wondering.
Also, on another note.. I don't seem to be mad, but I was, my hubs  made me mad. Thankfully you can't even tell! By the way, I'm not mad anymore.. Truthfully, I forgot what I was mad about.. 
I wonder if it happens to you too? do you stay mad at someone?... do you HOLD GRUDGES??


top: DC, jacket: GAP, shorts: Lauren Conrad, shoes: Thrifted

She wanted to take these by herself...
Take one: Hiding the remote
Take two: "What are you doing?"-Me 
Take three: "Mom, did it take my picture?"-Lilly
"Yes, it did!" No matter how many times I told her it took the picture, she wanted to make sure..yes I deleted all twenty-something pictures of her trying to make sure it took her picture! 
She makes me smile though, even as I type this... I have a smile on my face.. Ha! I bet you're smiling too!


coat: Ross, jeans: DC, shoes: Marc Fisher
Nude color heels that is! I really want these..
Image via Footcandy

But, these from Marc Fisher are close enough. They still make me smile and feel a bit cold wearing them.. :)
I hope you girls are having a great week. I have to say I'm enjoying mine, but mainly I'm happy it's the weekend... FINALLY!


I guess my tripod and camera wanted to be pictured... accomplished!
jacket: MOS, jeans: The Limited, boots, BCBG, faux fur scarf: Express

Winter said it's good bye here in Mississippi this week..maybe? It was a bit cold at the beginning of my spring break, then it got warmer as time passed. Now, the weather forecast is showing 70's and up for the days to come. I'm glad I got to wear this faux fur scarf at least once this winter, I got it as a gift two Christmas's ago and I just wore it this year, maybe next winter I'll wear it again, and shown it on EMPHASIS.
Enjoy your week!


jacket: MOS, dress: Thrifted, boots: Arturo Chiang (old)

You can't tell but I'm actually nervousness... I was about to take my final for Med-Surge. Needless to say I did good, and now I'm on spring break. 
I have this theory to "dressing up" or "dressing differently" on test day, just to keep my mind on a positive "outlook", so today was not any different from other test days, hence the red dress.
I have wore this dress differently and even though is vintage I love the polka dots and the red color. Red looks good on my skin tone. 
Anyhow, if you're on spring break , I hope you savor ever minute of every day off, I sure am trying too.

Then and Now

jacket: GAP, shorts, scarf, top: DC

Love love love love love these boots!!!!
give me a denim jacket and a pair of boots and the options are endless...
Happy Monday

Winter Yellow

coat: GW, jacket: Victoria Secrete, skirt & scarf: DC, shoes: Carlos Santana (old)

I guess I'm in the "dark" regarding the choice of color to wear lately. However, the black tights will still be my number one pick. I have tried other color tights, but I guess black just makes me feel safe.
Have you've seen on other fellow bloggers toughing out the cold? They would be wearing skirts and no tights, BARE SKIN!
I know tights are not as thick as pants would be, but at least they protect some what.. a LOT more than just plane good ol' SKIN.
The most I was able to commit on taking off on this 39 degree weather, was my yellow coat. My husband was telling me I was truly crazy (while he waited in the warm car with Lilly!) Yes, I might be crazy but,if I didn't take the coat off, you would've have seen the entire outfit. So you're welcome! :)

Scarf Lover

scarf: Gifted (Mex), skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Guess

Remember this outfit? It's been a while since I paired this jacket with a skirt, so I figure I could wear it for church, what ya think?
My mom went to Mexico a while back, and my aunt sent me this scarf with her. I've wore it like this before. Every time my mom goes somewhere, she asks me what I want her to get me...guess what I say every time?!!
Yup! scarfs!!! I need more in my closet y'all, I sure do!