blazer: Victoria Secrete, dress: Ross, shoes: Baker

The weather was great, so much so we went to the park for a picnic with friends. I did changed into a button up shirt and jeans with sandals right after this "photo shoot", and I wish I've taken a picture of that outfit because, I have wore that outfit twice and the same people have seen me with it on..TWICE!! They must think I don't do laundry... I did wash the outfit before putting it on... Just saying... in case you were wondering.
Also, on another note.. I don't seem to be mad, but I was, my hubs  made me mad. Thankfully you can't even tell! By the way, I'm not mad anymore.. Truthfully, I forgot what I was mad about.. 
I wonder if it happens to you too? do you stay mad at someone?... do you HOLD GRUDGES??

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