Purple Flowers

blazer: Forever 21 (Gifted), jeans: New York & Company, booties: BCBG, scarf: DC

Can you tell I'm sick? Not really huh? Well, I have the cough/cold..and some. My voice was gone since Saturday, it's coming back real s l o w... Which, I know my husband might be okey with that but, I miss it!
It's frustrating not being able to express yourself with words, or different sounds that mean something, like; Ha! uh? sounding like a  not making any sound! Thankfully it came back enough for me to be able to talk, a bit. I hope and pray that by next week Monday, I'm able to fully recover.
For now, I just want to wish you guys a happy Good Friday and a great long weekend!

p.s. The purple flowers are actually Lilly's, she shares with her mom. I've used this flowers twice now mainly because the happen to be in my favorite color.

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