Winter Yellow

coat: GW, jacket: Victoria Secrete, skirt & scarf: DC, shoes: Carlos Santana (old)

I guess I'm in the "dark" regarding the choice of color to wear lately. However, the black tights will still be my number one pick. I have tried other color tights, but I guess black just makes me feel safe.
Have you've seen on other fellow bloggers toughing out the cold? They would be wearing skirts and no tights, BARE SKIN!
I know tights are not as thick as pants would be, but at least they protect some what.. a LOT more than just plane good ol' SKIN.
The most I was able to commit on taking off on this 39 degree weather, was my yellow coat. My husband was telling me I was truly crazy (while he waited in the warm car with Lilly!) Yes, I might be crazy but,if I didn't take the coat off, you would've have seen the entire outfit. So you're welcome! :)

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