top: Kohls, skirt, belt & blazer: Forever21, shoes: GUESS, clutch: DC

I have the best sister(s) in law!!! Yennsy who is my husband's middle-younger sister, is the one who send me this top as a gift. She is always sending Lilly stuff/clothes/toys etc.. Actually, she sends me and my husband stuff too, mainly just so we don't feel left out.
 Yennsy actually send me this top with a pair of white jeans, and I will have that outfit posted soon.
 As I was saying, the best sister(s) because my brother's wife Heidy, actually sends me stuff for Lilly as well, love all the super cute outfits she puts together.
 I have thanked them for all the stuff they spend to my little one, it truly makes me feel happy to know they care about her and try to spoiled her as much as I do.
Love you Yennsy and Heidy
Thank you both!

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