Black and Grey

Weather was good, until it started to be super windy, so the photo shoot was kinda hard to get some good results.. 

dress: DC, blazer & sun glasses: Target, shoes: GUESS

 Grey dress styled in the winder, just added tights. Ta da!

I had my hubs taking my pictures, which is different from my remote, but the day I have him taking the pictures, the wind decides to make it impossible for any shot to come out nice.. well I did like the first one, and the second one.. not that bad after all.
The last picture was taken with my iPhone and surprisingly it came out good enough, this was at church, Ellon and I are primary Sabbath school teachers (ages 7-10) As you can see we like to pose for a good picture.
Also, Ellon always has on the cutest outfits on Saturdays, I think a lot of women at our church dress really nice, its like a runway when they walk from the door to their separate rooms for their different classes. I was brought up dressing my best for church, my mom used to say " we go to meet with Jesus" so, why not be on your absolute best?!

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