Red Rain Boots

scarf: Old Navy, skirt & sweater: DC, boots: Old Navy, jacket: GAP

So I wore this outfit on one of our rainy days, and one of my friends said; "That's something Lilly (my 4 yr old daughter by the way) would wear!" Really?! Ok.. Maybe, but since it was raining the day felt was BLUE.. so why not add a POP of color!! And if adding color, why not go RED?! well, I do have to say, these pair of rain boots are the only pair I own.. so it HAD to be RED huh?!! :D
Red goes with mostly everything anyways, right? Righ!!
Enjoy your Friday, I'm so needing the weekend, I need to recharge my emotional, physical and spiritual batteries, but mainly emotional, I miss my hubs this whole week! 


kiki said...

I like the red boots...

Beverly said...

Thanks girl!