jacket & jeans: TJ Max, cardi: Walmart, shoes: Factory Connection, scarf: Rainbow 

Shana, Kiki, Jasmine, Alexia, Chris

top:Old Navy, jacket: GAP, pants & scarf: DC, shoes: Vintage

Totally enjoying my time at school, although at times it seems to be going faster than last semester. I have made really good friends throughout this program and I'm really glad I did. However, there are times that people get on my nerves then, I remember I might get on other peoples nerves too, so I try to be a good friend to all. 
If I have the opportunity to start a friendship I will, and if things don't work out, at least I know I gave it a try. There are times, friendships are not meant to be, and unconditional circumstances arise that hinder friendships to grow.
I'm grateful for all the people that at some point in time cross my path, and although our time as friends might have been short, I'm happy we've met.
To my friends I want to say, I'm grateful to you and to God for allowing me to have you in my life, and for accepting me just as I am, love you!
let me leave you with some nice thoughts I liked from pinterest

(above for the peggies, you guys are awesome! Love you) 

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