The Pink Blazer

blazer: Borrowed (Moms), top & espadrille wedges: Ross (old)

Jasmine is one stylish girl!

This Pink Blazer is my new favorite item, I would say in my closet but unfortunately it's my moms'. She was here a while back and left some of her clothes. So while going through my "spring" clean, I actually happen to bump into part of her stuff, and the pink blazer called my name... OK it didn't really "called my name", but I just felt this attraction towards it..  Okey, not even an attraction because the truth is, I have been on Pinterest lately looking at different blazer colors outfits and the color that pop the most, was the outfits with a pink blazer incorporated in them.
So there you have it, the real truth is I've been wanting and looking for a pink blazer and thankfully my mom happen to own one, and how awesome is it that I found it?! I guess this blazer is meant to be mine. I didn't ask my mom for it because my rationale is; if she left it here it was because she didn't want to use it, and if you don't use it, you lose it!... or your daughter steals it, same thing!
I truly hope you get to enjoy your day and your week goes by fast, because I sure do wish my week flies!

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