Something Blue

 cardi: DC, top: Thrifted (J.crew), skirt: Made by me, shoes: Dollhouse
I had seen blue items on different models and fellow bloggers, so I venture to sew another skirt. I bought few pieces of fabric at a thrift shop. They had fabrics of all different lengths, mostly left overs.
 Anyways, I saw this blue under all that mess and got it along with other stuff.
I had to make this skirt short, because I didn't have enough fabric. It's weird to me, but some how sewing can become addicting... well if you kinda know what you're doing.
So I put this outfit together and I really liked the combinations, the shoes are new..well I bought them almost 5 years ago, but I didn't have the guts to wear them on a regular day, somehow I saw them too fancy to wear during the day. But EMPHASIS does wonders for me and I pair them up with my outfit. I feel great!


top: Gifted, scarf: DC, belt: NY&Co, shoes: Dollhouse, skirt: Made by ME!

Well, here you go ladies, my pink skirt. I have to say I've fallen in love with full skirts.. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. They are so comfortable and free. Yup.. I love full skirts.
Anyhow, while taking this pictures, the wind decided to "help" me out and there were few pictures my skirt had a mind of it's own, kind of like my hair!
This outfit was easy to but together, I mean it's super easy to pair this skirt with almost everything in my closet,  well..I think? I knew I wanted to wear this belt, I got it a while back and had not worn it, so this is the first time it has left the comfort of my closet. I'm totally liking this combination.
Hope you like it too.

I'm Still Here

Hey Ladies!! Please don't think I've forgot about you guys my beloved followers. I actually started to play around with my sewing machine and well I decided I could try to sew me some clothes.
As I started this project I knew sewing was harder than it looks.. (coming from someone that didn't go to school to learn this lovely art of creating your own pieces)
Anyways, as I was saying I actually got very exited about starting to sew. I've always like it, but like I said it seem to be a bit on the complicated side. So why did I decided to do it you ask?
 While facebooking I came a cross a video one of my childhood friends had shared. It was talking about a Harvard professor (Howard Garner) who won a price for supporting the idea of multiple intelligence, rather than one single IQ count.

"It's not how brainy you are, it's what you do with your brain that counts". 

Which is why I decided to put my brain to work on sewing, yes it's still complicated, and I'm no Jessica Quirk, who can do EVERYTHING she wants! (I have told her that before) but at least I can try.. right?
Oh by the way, my friend that posted the video, graduated from Harvard. She is definitely brainy and cool! 

 I have worn this dress before, but the zipper wasn't it does though, it's all fixed.
Yup, this is the pattern that I'm trying to do, I will start with a short version of it though.
I got some more sewing materials, and some fabric to try to master this art. I'll show you how the full skirt came along. Enjoy your mid-week lovelies.


We went with our friend Veronica to check the damages the flood had done to this little town. 
My husband told me this dress doesn't flatter me at all.. I kinda look pregnant but I'm NOT! So maybe this will be the last time I wear it out in public. 
We walked around and took some photos of different places, the water is super high it's going to be a while for it to dry and to think a lot of people are out of job and their homes.

Thankfully the water didn't get to the "downtown" area where they have a nice play ground. Lilly was happy so see it and said "toys mami", we stayed there for a few to let her play in the jungle gym.
dress: DC, cardi: Target, shoes: ALDO
Well Lilly wasn't the only one that played for a little bit. 
Enjoy your Sunday ladies..I hope mine is not as bad as I think it might be.

Trench It!

trench: Ross, undershirt: NY&Co pants: Thrifted (Ann Taylor), shoes: BCBG

I really have been enjoying this weather, and since I've only wore this trench once, I felt the wind calling for it.
I love these pants by the way, the price was perfect and even though I had to send them to be dry cleaned, they are so worth it. (I didn't spend more than what the original price might have been)
I was suppose to meet up with a few people, but we moved the meeting for next week. I might wear the pants next week too..since they didn't see me it'll be ok.

By the way.. I can't believe tomorrow will be Thrusday?!! Not complaining what so ever!! 

Thinking of You..

 dress: DC (Lands'end), cardi: TJ Maxx, shoes: Bandolino, belt: Thrifted 

This dress is on the short side for me, but I've been wanting to wear it for quite some time now.
 As I was putting this outfit together I bumped into a box I have for my mom, where I have different items, like clothes, make-up and shoes. Just stuff I've bought for her for when she visits. Anyway, I saw the shoes and I knew they would go very well with the whole look. 
Here you have my entire outfit. The shoes will probably go back into her box..that's if they don't decide to stay in my closet first. 
I love you mom!

(the title post has nothing to do with my outfit.. Well maybe my mom.. I miss you mom)

Wakey Wakey

I look like I'm sleeping but, I'm actually laughing extremely hard and I have yet to thank my friend Ravi for that. (Thank's Ravi.. *opera tone*)
I was not sure I wanted to wear this shoes Sabbath morning, but after a while of trying them on and off and on again.. I decided they would be fine. In over all my outfit was ok. This is actually the second time I wear this belt, and I got some nice complements for it. (thanks)
yup.. I was probably telling Lilly come get in the car... or telling my husband to get Lilly.. or who knows? I'm sure I was ordering somebody around, 'cus I'm the mom! (that's what we do)
top & belt: DC (Worthington) skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Guess
I truly enjoyed my Sabbath, I usually do to be quite honest. 
(I'm not making faces..I'm laughing hard again..)
I hope you all have a great week.. 

Dress to Skirt..

The day was absolutely beautiful, which is why I decided to wear a nice "summer" dress. Although, the weather was nothing compare to how summer time usually is here in MS! 
(humid-hot-can't breath-kinda-hot-wishyoulived-in-Cali!)
Anyhow, so here you have my outfit, ready to take on the day...(cleaning my house, ironing clothes for church, laundry and my absolute favorite washing dishes..yay!)..ok..I confess.. I dislike with a passion doing the dishes..tsk..(don't judge)
jacket & belt: Thrifted (Gap), dress: Dirt Cheap, shoes: Dollhouse

I like to put my hands on my hip, in case you haven't notice. and the last pic, was just how you can turn this outfit from day to night.. or skirt to dress..or whatever you want to call it. 
Well ladies, enjoy your Sunday. My hubs had to work today, so I'm missing him.. :(
I'll probably catch up on my reading.


top: Thrifted (Gap) jacket: Thrifted (Gap), skirt: Thrifted (LOFT), shoes & belt: DC (Style&Co) 
Organizer planner: Target
I know... the title of my post it's ridiculous, but is one of those days.. you know which ones. Days when you wish you didn't have but, you know you're gonna have (any English majors out there please forgive me..)
I know I might not make sense to some of you, but others might be nodding your head and sighing at the same time totally agreeing with what I'm saying. 
Anyways, with that said..I have nothing else to say..kinda lame I know.
It's one of those days....

(don't let my smile fool you... I still feel like.. mm.. poop)



dress: Ross, blazer: Liz Claiborne, scarf: DC, shoes: JC Penny

Totally enjoyed my outfit this Sabbath!
I wore this dress before, but to be completely honest, I'm loving this combination.
I might try to do more outfits with this little white dress, maybe less dressy and more casual...we'll see.
I enjoyed my Mother's day this Sunday! Great weather,  swimming in the pool, yummy food and family.

Also... I just want to say...


Shine On

top & jacket: Thrifted, trousers: Express, shoes Guess

Took few minutes of my busy Friday and shot pictures of my outfit. The sun is out making today beautiful, as you can see the first two pictures were not taken under the shade like the rest and I'm not sure if I like them or not? I think I do.. yeah I do. 
Anyways, gotta run I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I have nothing special going on this weekend, but I'm hoping to have a great time. Overflowing with positive attitude.

Oh.. wait 
Happy Mother's Day!
(I just glanced at my calendar)
Enjoy your special day all'o you HOT MAMACITAS!!