Trench It!

trench: Ross, undershirt: NY&Co pants: Thrifted (Ann Taylor), shoes: BCBG

I really have been enjoying this weather, and since I've only wore this trench once, I felt the wind calling for it.
I love these pants by the way, the price was perfect and even though I had to send them to be dry cleaned, they are so worth it. (I didn't spend more than what the original price might have been)
I was suppose to meet up with a few people, but we moved the meeting for next week. I might wear the pants next week too..since they didn't see me it'll be ok.

By the way.. I can't believe tomorrow will be Thrusday?!! Not complaining what so ever!! 


Miranda said...

I like your style, I just started following!


Beverly said...

Sweet! Thank you, I'm glad you like it too. :)