I'm Still Here

Hey Ladies!! Please don't think I've forgot about you guys my beloved followers. I actually started to play around with my sewing machine and well I decided I could try to sew me some clothes.
As I started this project I knew sewing was harder than it looks.. (coming from someone that didn't go to school to learn this lovely art of creating your own pieces)
Anyways, as I was saying I actually got very exited about starting to sew. I've always like it, but like I said it seem to be a bit on the complicated side. So why did I decided to do it you ask?
 While facebooking I came a cross a video one of my childhood friends had shared. It was talking about a Harvard professor (Howard Garner) who won a price for supporting the idea of multiple intelligence, rather than one single IQ count.

"It's not how brainy you are, it's what you do with your brain that counts". 

Which is why I decided to put my brain to work on sewing, yes it's still complicated, and I'm no Jessica Quirk, who can do EVERYTHING she wants! (I have told her that before) but at least I can try.. right?
Oh by the way, my friend that posted the video, graduated from Harvard. She is definitely brainy and cool! 

 I have worn this dress before, but the zipper wasn't working..now it does though, it's all fixed.
Yup, this is the pattern that I'm trying to do, I will start with a short version of it though.
I got some more sewing materials, and some fabric to try to master this art. I'll show you how the full skirt came along. Enjoy your mid-week lovelies.

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