top: Thrifted (Gap) jacket: Thrifted (Gap), skirt: Thrifted (LOFT), shoes & belt: DC (Style&Co) 
Organizer planner: Target
I know... the title of my post it's ridiculous, but is one of those days.. you know which ones. Days when you wish you didn't have but, you know you're gonna have (any English majors out there please forgive me..)
I know I might not make sense to some of you, but others might be nodding your head and sighing at the same time totally agreeing with what I'm saying. 
Anyways, with that said..I have nothing else to say..kinda lame I know.
It's one of those days....

(don't let my smile fool you... I still feel like.. mm.. poop)


Jameil said...

Cute shoes! Now feel better!

Anonymous said...


Miranda said...

Love your outfit, especially the skirt and shoes and how you styled them

Just started following


Lilly's Style said...

Love this outfit! Great thrift finds there. :)

katou said...

I really like the way you turned a classic outfit to a fresh edgy one :)