We went with our friend Veronica to check the damages the flood had done to this little town. 
My husband told me this dress doesn't flatter me at all.. I kinda look pregnant but I'm NOT! So maybe this will be the last time I wear it out in public. 
We walked around and took some photos of different places, the water is super high it's going to be a while for it to dry and to think a lot of people are out of job and their homes.

Thankfully the water didn't get to the "downtown" area where they have a nice play ground. Lilly was happy so see it and said "toys mami", we stayed there for a few to let her play in the jungle gym.
dress: DC, cardi: Target, shoes: ALDO
Well Lilly wasn't the only one that played for a little bit. 
Enjoy your Sunday ladies..I hope mine is not as bad as I think it might be.


Lili said...

I don't think you look pregnant at all. It does emphasize your assets though :-)

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Beverly said...

you totally made my day! and I laugh out loud!! thank you.