At a Wedding

Sabbath was great, we got to finally see our friends that we hadn't seen for two weeks.. we definitely enjoy our time together.
They all came over for a quick lunch and right after, we left to Janneth's wedding. 
dress:?,shoes: Steve Madden, betl: Nine West, cardi: NY&Co.
Where we enjoy ourselves some more. It was a really nice wedding, and she looked gorgeous. 
The wedding was so emotional, there were quite few tears many people shed.
And as you can see Lilly enjoy herself as well. Mason totally loves Lilly, he's such a gentlemen with her. Holding her hand, getting her a chair and of course getting her chocolate!
Which soon  after I found out that the kids' table had chocolate, I quickly send Lilly to get me some. 
And here she is, running back with the goods. That's my girl!
After the wedding, we hang out at our friends house and closed the night with a nice game of poker.


Lili said...

I love your outfit! I'm such a big fan of red accessorizing, it's a miracle that I don't have red shoes yet! I really need some, looking at how awesome you look. And I like the belt sling with the too-long end. How did you tuck it away? (Oh and you play poker? Do you find that you are constantly underestimated as a player because you are a woman, too? :-D)

Beverly said...

Thank Lili. The belt was a bit to big, but it didn't have a hole where i needed it. so I just putting thru the loop, then i tucked it under, then up and finally inside the loop again. I hope that makes a bit of scene. I need to do a tutorial but i'm not too good at doing that. we'll see. And about poker it was just close friends and fam so it was a "just for fun" type of game.

veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

your little girl looks absolutely adorable! how nice of her to be in the wedding :)

Angela said...

I just love that picture of Lilly and Mason. They are so cute together.

veg4life said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit Bev! It's absolutely adorable on you. And Lilly looks precious too. And the wedding location looked awesome. great pics! miss u ol pal! :)