Wakey Wakey

I look like I'm sleeping but, I'm actually laughing extremely hard and I have yet to thank my friend Ravi for that. (Thank's Ravi.. *opera tone*)
I was not sure I wanted to wear this shoes Sabbath morning, but after a while of trying them on and off and on again.. I decided they would be fine. In over all my outfit was ok. This is actually the second time I wear this belt, and I got some nice complements for it. (thanks)
yup.. I was probably telling Lilly come get in the car... or telling my husband to get Lilly.. or who knows? I'm sure I was ordering somebody around, 'cus I'm the mom! (that's what we do)
top & belt: DC (Worthington) skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Guess
I truly enjoyed my Sabbath, I usually do to be quite honest. 
(I'm not making faces..I'm laughing hard again..)
I hope you all have a great week.. 

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veg4life said...

I didn't know Old Navy had such nice skirts. Love the belt too! very shiny metallic.