Dress to Skirt..

The day was absolutely beautiful, which is why I decided to wear a nice "summer" dress. Although, the weather was nothing compare to how summer time usually is here in MS! 
(humid-hot-can't breath-kinda-hot-wishyoulived-in-Cali!)
Anyhow, so here you have my outfit, ready to take on the day...(cleaning my house, ironing clothes for church, laundry and my absolute favorite washing dishes..yay!)..ok..I confess.. I dislike with a passion doing the dishes..tsk..(don't judge)
jacket & belt: Thrifted (Gap), dress: Dirt Cheap, shoes: Dollhouse

I like to put my hands on my hip, in case you haven't notice. and the last pic, was just how you can turn this outfit from day to night.. or skirt to dress..or whatever you want to call it. 
Well ladies, enjoy your Sunday. My hubs had to work today, so I'm missing him.. :(
I'll probably catch up on my reading.

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i like both combinations!