top: Thrifted, pants: Express, jacket: Ross, shoes: Gianni Bini
My Sabbath was great and it seems as though Sunday will turn out alright too, a bit cold but can't complain. 
As I lay under the covers and think of what to tell you.. my mind is thinking of CHOCOLATE! I know I'm weird like that.. but for real, I wonder if I have some here at home, because I don't want to go anywhere..


 similar: top, pants, shoes: Gianni Bini, belt (as necklace) & envelope clutch: Thrifted

I mentioned on my last post I added a new red blazer to my closet. Well here it is.. I wanted to wear it so bad, and as I was trying it on with different bottoms, I was also checking the October J.Crew catalog and one of the models was wearing a red blazer, black pants with a striped top, super cute! So guess what I did? Yup, I copied her. I wanted to show you a picture of it but, this is all I found on their website. Still a pretty cute outfit and worth replicating... just saying.

My Rojo pants

 blazer, top and pants: Thrifted, belt: NY&Co, shoes: Ooh DEER

Image via The Sartorialist

Red is filling my heart, I love the red pants, even though the skinny look might be better with some over the knee boots with this cold weather, or what about the wide leg for a classier look... the options can go on and on.. yup!
Ooohh what about a red blazer? Well I only mentioned it because I got one and I want to wear it already!
Anyways, I wanted to tell you I did not take pictures of my outfit this Saturday..which means that I have to wear it again soon, since you guys didn't see it.. well.. and also because I like the outfit too.
Enjoy your week ladies.

On the Go

shirt: Camp  jeans: AEagle shoes: converse(DC) jacket: Ross scarf: Gifted
This is my On the Go outfit, perfect for running after Lilly, errands and anything else that involves running.
Super grateful this week is almost over, even though my mom would be leaving in 2 days to visit my brother. I wish she could stay longer, but gotta share mom's love.
Enjoy your Wednesday ladies.

Rocker meets Country

top: MOS, jeans: almost famous, boots: Thrifted, scarf: DC
I live in the country y'all.. well not really in the country but, where in Ms does not mean "country" huh? Everyone talks southern and wearing cowboy boots it's not out the ordinary, so here I am just another Mississippian on a regular day.
Enjoy your day.. glad Monday is over with! That's all I've got to say about that.


top: Thrifted, skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Ooh DEER, betl: Gifted 

 Totally copied Tanesha's outfit from Girl with Curves, like I said I would. However, instead of the blue I used and hot pink top, not only because I don't own a navy blue top like hers, but also because it is breast cancer month and I wanted to show my support by wearing my pink.
I'm loving all of Tanesha's outfits right now, I hope she doesn't mind but who can blame me? I mean she just has the cutest style... she wears one cute outfit after another!

Polka Dots

sandals: ALDO, belt: Nine West, trench coat: Ross, Jumpsuit: DC
Have you notice I've wore polka dots on every single post? I bet you'll go back and check huh? Well I have...  and eventhough everybody and their grandma are wearing stripes I'm stiking to my dots!
Super happy it's Friday and it seems to be a good one too.
Happy Friday!!!!

None Stop

top: Thrifted, jeans: 2BW/U, sandals: ALDO, Cardi: DC

I've been on Pinterest none stop! (I honestly have to stop...)  It's really hard though, there's always something new and interesting. I've been repinning and liking few things, but what I love the most is the amount of outfits, cutest outfits. There's so many I want to copy!! Maybe one day I will.. maybe.. for now I will enjoy them and keep getting ideas on how to pair few things here and there.

Crushing Right Now

top and boots..
the dress... yes please!
Everything... TOTALLY copying her outfit soon!!
White and orange combination.

Time Well Spent

 top, blazer, skirt: Thrifted, shoes:oh.. DEER  belt: Banana Republic
Sad the weekend is over, but I got to spend time with friends, family and also, some quality time with my hubby Sunday. It feels good to forget about the routine and just enjoy each other, we get so caught up with work/home/kid(s)... LIFE... that we forget to spare some time for just us.. 
I enjoyed my date with my husband.
 I guess I have my mom to thanked since she stayed home with Lilly.. She's awesome!
Anyways, I'm ready for Monday and I hope you are too.

60's or 70's Maybe?

top: Gifted, belt & skirt: Thrifted, shoes: Style&Co

Remember I told you guys I wanted a skirt like this one?  Well finally I got it and it was $1! Sooo loving it.
I just wanted to share with you guys the excitement of a new item.
I have been thinking about doing another challenge, maybe another 30x30 or how about $365/1 year, shopping only at the good 'ol GW (Goowill) like my friend Kris did.. not sure yet what I'll do, but I do want to do something.
Anyhow, I hope you all have a great weekend.

Say Whaaa??

 top: Thrifted, jeans: 2BW/U, sandals: Guess
 I've been enjoying having my mom at home, she's the one that's been cooking lately.. which is nice, also she's been giving me all kinds of advice (asked for or not..usually not, but it's ok)
 We've been to some places here and there, and she's found some cute tops. I guess the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree because I really like her choices.
Anyways, there's fun times and there's also.. cleaning out my closet (including shoes) time.

Mom: *sigh "Tienes demasiados zapados Beverly!"  ["you have way too many shoes]
me: "Ahi mami, pues me gustan.." -with a look like {what are you gonna have me do?}- [Ay mami, because I like them]
Mom: " No, no no no.. tienes que regalarlos" [no.. you have to give them away]
me: QUE?!! No Way!! [WHAT?!!]
Mom: "Pues escoje los que mas te pongas nomas" [well, choose the ones you wear the most]
me: "mm bueno, luego vemos" [mm ok, we'll see]

Yes y'all.. we shall see..

I honestly don't think I have THAT many shoes.. I wish though..

Pink and Orange

top: Thrifted and tailored, blazer: Koret, skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Gianni Bini

I'm a bit behind on the pink and orange trend, but I really like the color combination, so I decided to go ahead and follow the trend. 
I found this top at a thrift store but, it was a 16 size! I'm good at sewing few things here and there, but I had to take this one to be tailored.. liking the results.
Anyways, keeping it short since I want to go back on Pinterest.. just between you and me... I'm totally addicted.