jacket: Gap, dress: Land'send, boots: Thrifted, belt: Banana Republic 

Loving the weather! I have been wanting to wear these boots more often, so as soon as I felt it cooled up, I put on my cowgirl boots.Yee-haw! 
I have a feeling these boots will see a lot of winter this year.. or I should say what's left of this year.
I hope y'all have a great week.. I'm not ready for mine but, bring it on Monday!


kris said...

What brand is the boots? They are fantastic!

Beverly said...

Hey Kris! the boots are Nocona, they have some cute styles. I had worn them earlier too. check "Cowgirl Inspiration" I guess that was my summer outfit. xo

Mommyblogger said...

Adorable outfit- this boots are awesome. I'd wear them every day if they were mine!

Hope your week is awesome :)

Beverly said...

they are! and thank you, I hope your week is a great one too. xo