Pink and Orange

top: Thrifted and tailored, blazer: Koret, skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Gianni Bini

I'm a bit behind on the pink and orange trend, but I really like the color combination, so I decided to go ahead and follow the trend. 
I found this top at a thrift store but, it was a 16 size! I'm good at sewing few things here and there, but I had to take this one to be tailored.. liking the results.
Anyways, keeping it short since I want to go back on Pinterest.. just between you and me... I'm totally addicted.


veg4life said...

How much do tailors charge to take-in things like a top? jw

Beverly said...

mm it depends on where you take it.. some are more pricey than others but it might be from $25 and up.. that's why is good to learn to mess around with the sewing machine. love ya Becs