None Stop

top: Thrifted, jeans: 2BW/U, sandals: ALDO, Cardi: DC

I've been on Pinterest none stop! (I honestly have to stop...)  It's really hard though, there's always something new and interesting. I've been repinning and liking few things, but what I love the most is the amount of outfits, cutest outfits. There's so many I want to copy!! Maybe one day I will.. maybe.. for now I will enjoy them and keep getting ideas on how to pair few things here and there.


Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to pinterest too (like seriously)! I have tons of inspiration outfits pinned. I just need to actually spend some time recreating them now!

I love your top- Great color & I adore polka dots :)

Beverly said...

I know! I need to stop... I have a long list of outfits..who knows when they'll be on EMPHASIS :) xo