Say Whaaa??

 top: Thrifted, jeans: 2BW/U, sandals: Guess
 I've been enjoying having my mom at home, she's the one that's been cooking lately.. which is nice, also she's been giving me all kinds of advice (asked for or not..usually not, but it's ok)
 We've been to some places here and there, and she's found some cute tops. I guess the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree because I really like her choices.
Anyways, there's fun times and there's also.. cleaning out my closet (including shoes) time.

Mom: *sigh "Tienes demasiados zapados Beverly!"  ["you have way too many shoes]
me: "Ahi mami, pues me gustan.." -with a look like {what are you gonna have me do?}- [Ay mami, because I like them]
Mom: " No, no no no.. tienes que regalarlos" [no.. you have to give them away]
me: QUE?!! No Way!! [WHAT?!!]
Mom: "Pues escoje los que mas te pongas nomas" [well, choose the ones you wear the most]
me: "mm bueno, luego vemos" [mm ok, we'll see]

Yes y'all.. we shall see..

I honestly don't think I have THAT many shoes.. I wish though..


Margarita said...

una mujer nunca puede tiener demasiado zapatos dile a tu mami lol .

Beverly said...

Eso mismo pienso yo! :) Gracias por tu comentario y por "follow" xo

Margarita said...

De nada nossotras las hispanas tenemos que apoyanos una con la otra . Yo acabo de comenzar un blog tambien .

veg4life said...

The two black peep toes are almost the same...and maybe the khakis...I need to get rid of some of my black dress shoes too... :)

Beverly said...

you like?