similar: top, pants, shoes: Gianni Bini, belt (as necklace) & envelope clutch: Thrifted

I mentioned on my last post I added a new red blazer to my closet. Well here it is.. I wanted to wear it so bad, and as I was trying it on with different bottoms, I was also checking the October J.Crew catalog and one of the models was wearing a red blazer, black pants with a striped top, super cute! So guess what I did? Yup, I copied her. I wanted to show you a picture of it but, this is all I found on their website. Still a pretty cute outfit and worth replicating... just saying.


Marie said...

way to go! it looks fantastic.
So What If I Like Pretty Things

Mommyblogger said...

That is the most adorable blazer EVER!!! I need a red blazer now :)

Beverly said...

Thank you ladies! loving RED right now.. xo enjoy your weekend.

Cara said...

First off, a belt as a necklace is so smart, wish I had thought of that! Second, I love your red blazer, I have one that I haven't worn much but you've inspired me to grab it tomorrow!

veg4life said...

You look nice with your hair up like that Bev

Beverly said...

I know Cara, red blazer is soo in right now! Enjoy it. :)

Nelesen Martell said...

First of I love your blog!! I love the outfit but the belt as a necklace makes me excited. It's to die for and such a unique. Would you mind sharing how you accomplished it? I would love a tutorial as I would love to rock it in the near future.


Nelly (Notee66@gmail.com)