top: Thrifted, skirt: Old Navy, shoes: Ooh DEER, betl: Gifted 

 Totally copied Tanesha's outfit from Girl with Curves, like I said I would. However, instead of the blue I used and hot pink top, not only because I don't own a navy blue top like hers, but also because it is breast cancer month and I wanted to show my support by wearing my pink.
I'm loving all of Tanesha's outfits right now, I hope she doesn't mind but who can blame me? I mean she just has the cutest style... she wears one cute outfit after another!


Mommyblogger said...

Love that coat- gorgeous!!!!

Beverly said...

I like the fact that now I can start to wear coats and scarfs.. :D xo

Kelly said...

This is why I love the internet - it's so full of ideas! You still made it your own, but I love the inspiration out there!

Beverly said...

I know Kelly, i love all the good inspiration out there too. It's all about sharing :) xo