Yet again

dress: Thrifted/ Self Made, vest: DC, booties: Steve Madden

I did it again! I found this polka dot dress, loved it and made it my own.. kindda.
I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing this dress in the summer too but, winter was no exception. Of course with the right essentials I could even wear short in December... ahhh the power of will.  The power of fashion..
I hope you enjoy your Friday!

This is how it looked like before.


Buky said...

totally love your outfit and what you do with items you find!
Wow im even more jealous because i wish i knew how to sew. lol
District of Fashion

Beverly said...

Thank you :) and you can too! Honestly just got to youtube and you will do EVERYTHING you want to do. That's how I've done some items. xo

when BABI speaks said...

love your dress and your trench coat. they're absolutely gorgeous! looks great on you!


Beverly said...

Thank you Babi! It feels good to make it "my own".. I see that you sew, I'm sure you can relate the nice feeling, after finishing a garment. xo