top: Walmart, skirt: Old Navy, belt: DC, shoes: Guess

Hope everyone's staying warm and covered up to avoid getting sick. Lilly and I slept most of the day today since we didn't have a good night last night. Lilly had a fever. After doing some home remedies her fever finally went down and we got a little bit of sleep. I have to confess that I didn't wore this outfit today since I just say Lilly and I slept most of today, to the point that I didn't know today was Wednesday already! But I didn't show what I wore on the weekend so I hope you guys can forgive me today. The items are from my picks so it worked out good.
It still pretty cold out there, and who knows when this crazy weather will go away and come back, and go and come back..etc etc etc..  Anyways Lilly and I snuggled up to watch a movie later in the day, Oh how I  love days like these!  Days when she wants to be held and not mind if I shower her with kisses. I love my kid so much.. I might get sick though..oh well she is worth every sneeze.
Well lovelies enjoy the rest of your day.
Much Love,


Elizabeth said...

I love this combination :) Super chic Mommy! Lilly is going to have some fabulous shoes to grow into!


a. harms said...

Such a classic look. You could never go wrong in this. Love it.