We went to eat at Olive Garden! yum yum!! I love Italian food. I forgot my camera..actually my husband forgot the camera, but my friend Mario had his so I was able to share some pictures of that night with you guys. We went to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

 I like this picture, my hubs looks funny, he's over cheesing it!! :D 
I wish I could've taken pictures of my whole outfit, but this will have to do, I promise to try to carry my camera at all times.

Happy Birthday Primo! We had such a great time.. and Lilly loves to eat there too! You can see how she was ready to start eating her spaghetti. I had my coat on because it was cold in there!

 Well fed and happy!!

And to end the night of celebration, we went to the movies.Yay!! (Don't mind Lilly she was being silly)
We really had a great time, spending time with family it's always good for the heart. Enjoy the rest of your week..and of Fashion Week too!
Much Love, 


Lo said...

you have such a beautiful family!

Beverly said...

Thank you Lo!

Ashley J said...

I love family photos!!! Your hubbie is so cute;)

Beverly said...

Thank you Ashley..he makes me laugh!