Smiling is good for the heart

My Sunday was delightful..the weather was super nice, the whole weekend was awesome.
I knew today was going to be sunny so I wore my shorts.. and yes I'm not wearing any tights, since the weather was awesome, yet again!
I really like this outfit, I could even wear it with my Aldo sandals in the summer, the shorts are very comfortable too.
 So I was taking my pictures and after the 20th time of going back and forth pressing the button, I finally ask my husband to help me and my tripod by just pressing the button for me.

 He started to make me laugh and I also started to get silly.. (but I won't show those pictures)
 top: TJ Maxx, shorts & vest: MOS, shoes: Baker, 
Until I was cracking up.. as you can see in the picture.. I hope you all had an awesome weekend and I know for some of you it is a long weekend.. (luckies!!)

Lovelies, enjoy your weekend and just think that in only five days the weekend will be here again.
How is your 30x30 challenge coming along? any regrets?



im also remixing and looking forward to use the rest of my closet in March hihi:)
kiss from prague

Anonymous said...

What an adorable outfit you put together. I really like it too! If I had really good skinny legs I'd probably try to recreate it (lol).

Ashley J said...

Love the red heels with this outfit and totally jealous you are wearing shorts and short sleeves in the middle of February!!!

Api, said...

I'm also jealous, but is because you are showing so much skin... Not used to this... You look hotter that you think you are...

Loving you with all my heart.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, and you've got the best legs ever! I love day 12 also. Hope the weather lasts!

Cait said...

I love your red shoes and am so jealous of your bare legs!!!

From Suns To Moons said...

Oh my goodness, this ensemble is too cute for words. the end.