Vince Who?

         I’m the type of person that can be in a store and find the cutest clothes, shoes, belts (I’m a sucker for belts) and different accessories. Well that's what happened when I went to this particular store. The store is located in the weirdest place, I had seen the outside the store, but I didn’t know there was much more stuff in the back of the store. So I went inside and look, and look and look.. 
      The owner buys out boutiques that are closing for one big deal, and then he sales the items separately. Well after looking for some time and finding a lot of cute stuff, I went to the shoe section and there they were, my Vince V Camuto boots!! To be completely honest I just love the boots and had absolutely no idea who this Vince guy was. There was only two pairs. I was lucky one of them was my size and the price was within my range, the owner kept reassuring me that I was getting the deal of my life, that this boots were $200 and up and how he was giving me a major discount. I was happy I got a pair of leather boots and I only paid $15.00 for them. (Halleluiah!!!) 
   Come to find out Vince Camuto knows how to make women shoes, and he has the cutes styles, but unfortunately the price is like a punch to my stomach!!  However, I am happy to own a pair of Vince Camuto boots.


boots: Vince Camuto, leggings: Ross, top: Mother-in-law made, belt: gift, coat: Ross

Well here are the boots and you can hardly see them.. i have to take a better picture of them.

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