This coming weekend one of my best friends from back in the day is coming to visit and I’m excited. Although, is not set in stone yet since she’s a professor in college and might need to get her stuff together before this semester begins. I truly wish she can make it. No pressure Beca if you’re reading this.  

 Anyways, back in the day she owned this trench coat from Gap that I happened to loved. It fit big on me and on her, but she got it for a good deal so she wore it anyway and since then I’ve wanted to have one too.

trench coat: Thrifted, trousers: Express, top: NY&Co, belt: Nine west

 I have seen trench coats pop up in magazines few weeks ago, so while browsing on one of my “must go see” stores (Gateway secondhand) I spotted one.  Tried it on and loved it, then I made my way to the belt section, picked a few (I should truly start to go easy on the belts for a bit, I officially claimed my husband’s tie rack just for them) and after paying for what i did for this beauty, i was more than happy!

Wednesday was the perfect day to wear it. It was super windy and cold, so why not? I put on my trousers and thought of some colors that could standout and this is what I came up with. The red belt is one of my favorite pieces. I did my nails just for fun!
Stay warms. Stay true. Stay beautiful.
Much Love,

The sun was in my face.. I look funny!

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