“The last blog venter”.. that was the last name I recently came up with for my blog, My hubby suggested I use my blog to vent all my sorrows, so if your husband doesn’t want to hear his wining wife vent her sorrows of motherhood, wifehood, (not sure if that is a word, I tend to make up words as I go) or just plain life .. sign yourself in and start a blog.
Yes we mothers love to vent, some more than others, but ultimately is the only way to stay sane. Is a bit funny how I say to stay sane, and I only have one little girl, although she is only 2 years old, sometimes I feel like I have 3 kids in one. You mothers out there know what I’m talking about. That’s all for now, have to go and check on my little one.

Much love from your newest blog venter, 


shorts: Gap, sweater: Ross, top and shoes: hand-me-down, belt: Nine West

Don't know if i'll try her pose?

Here's a better close up of Lilly Nicole

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