My Country Boots

 top: Target (via DC), skirt: MOS, boots: Target (via DC) hair clip: Borrowed 

These boots are made for walking... and that's just one of many reasons I love to wear them!
They are hands down my favorite boots, I have said that before.. because they are!
My outfit is very summer-able, but it can be worn in the winter time too, just by adding black leggings, socks, and a jacket or sweater. I should've worn something on top, (like.. a safety pin) now that I think about it (and see it on the picture) My top is size S, but I like how it fits me, expect my upper area, I hate having those issues... fellow readers what tricks have you used for similar problems?? If no problem.. I am jealous!!!

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LiLi said...

You look so cute :-))
About the shirt: I wouldn't call this a trick, but when I have this issue (not often, but it happens), I rather keep the button in question open and wear a cami underneath, preferably in color. This way, I like to pick up a color from my pants/skirt/belt/shoes :-) And I think it makes the whole look more "open" and I mean that in the most innocent way :-)