Favorite Scarf

top: NY&Co, skirt: Express, scarf: : LOFT(gifted mom), shoes:Guess, glasses: Ross, clutch purse: Borrowed (Emilce)

So I don't think you can actually tell but I'm missing the last two buttons in my skirt.. I lost my second one getting into the truck, and we didn't have time to go back and fix it..(you really can't tell..)
 Now on with my outfit, it is not my favorite, but the scarf is. My mom bought it for me and I love it and I love  her too.. I do like the simplicity of the outfit though.
Sabbath was wonderful, the weather was in our favor from the start, after church family and friends had lunch together, and we went for a hike after that. It was a great day overall. 
My friend Emilce took my pictures today, I love how she likes to try different places and poses for me. Also she always has the cutes clothes on.. I wish she was my size...actually I wish I was HER sizes.

Here's a picture of her.. 
Emilce..the future MD
You can't really see her outfits, maybe next time I will try to snap some pictures of her and her outfit.
Well my lovelies, it's Saturday night and I'm blogging here..I think a shower and a movie sounds pretty good right now.. so let me just say.. Keep enjoying your weekend because I will.
Much Love..


Anonymous said...

The scary transforms your outfit into a sophisticated and stunning look. You style is amazing.

From Suns To Moons said...

I'm impressed that you paired that purple-and-white scarf with the chartreuse shirt. It's unexpected and quite flattering.