Al Fin

dress: Ross, shoes/belt: Gifted [mom] (Kenneth Cole)

I can't believe I finally finished the challenge!! I am DONE!!!! you can see this is my last outfit for the 30x30 winter edition. I know it took me a little bit, but hey! it's better late than never.
 So here it is and I'm ending it with my favorite dress.
Anyways, moving on... I'm excited about this weekend coming up, one of my best friends (Beca) from back in the day is coming to visit me. She couldn't have picked a better weekend! We can go SHOPPING! 
Plus I get to have some free time for me, myself and my friend, since I really much need it.
This week has been a very hectic and crazy week(i know it's only Tuesday)..well kindda... I really just want to have fun and most importantly I want to welcome the rest of my clothes back in my closet where IT BELONGS!!! 
So are you happy to be done with your challenge too? or Am I the only one??


Jameil said...

What a cute way to end! I was so glad to be done with the last one that I couldn't do this one. LOL

Beverly said...

I hear ya!! I'm not sure I'll be doing a summer edition anytime soon. :)

Mimi said...

Congrats! You did a great job, and you look super cute in yellow. Hope your week gets less hectic!

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