From Day..
top: Gap, shorts: MOS, sandals: ALDO, scarf: Loft, belt: DC

To Night..
 top: Gap, shorts: MOS, shoes: Paprika, scarf: Loft, belt: DC
What a difference a pair of shoes can make. It truly does change the look of the outfit by a lot. I really liked the way I combined these items with the scarf. I guess I could almost say the scarf makes the outfit come to life.
My mother came to visit for a day a while back and we went shopping , well  actually she shopped, I browsed, great combination huh? "mami that looks super cute".. ( is more like,  "mami buy it for you so I can borrow it and never return it") Anyways, she loves it when I pick items for her, she likes my style and to be honest it's easier to find cute stuff in her size (small). It's a win-win situation. So moving on, we went shopping and she bought me this scarf, I love everything about it, so much you've seen it before here and here.  Most likely you will see it more often than not on EMPHASIS, probably combined with these heels too. Aren't they the cutest things?? AND they're purple jackpot!!
Enjoy your loooong weekend ladies..

Happy 4th of July!!!



Kate said...

Great outfit! And paired with those sandals for your daytime look, your legs look miles long! :)

Anonymous said...

I love shorts and heels together. You dressed them up beautifully - perfect for an evening out.

designgirl said...

I really like this, esp. the evening look. You'll have to pair that cute scarf and those heels again! Color Happiness! :)

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