Rain Drops

 top:?, skirt: Self Made, sandals: CityStreet
Ok this outfit was not planned at all (because some are).. what had happen wus.. I had picked an outfit this morning that was actually pretty casual. Since my pink skirt has been seating quietly in my closet lately, I decided to pair it with another item today. 
I went about my business and "motherly duties" as the day progressed, everything seem to be fine until it started to rain... started to pour just as I was leaving wally world (ugh..) yup I got super wet and I had to change once I got home. However, even though I was bummed that I killed an outfit, this other outfit just jump out at me. It wasn't my first choice but, I can't complain, since I made this blue skirt I have to show it off.. right??

ps. I'm getting sick.. sore/itchy throat and at times my voice sounds kinda lower.. yup I sound like a teen hitting puberty. smiley face.



you look great!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

what a beautiful top! You look so pretty!

two birds said...

you made that? wow!! i love this outfit. it's fun and flirty and practical all at the same time! and those sandals are beautiful!

Beverly said...

Thank you girls! yes I made this skirt, but I have to give credit to Youtube, since I watched a bunch of videos on how to make one. XO

Katherine said...

Thank you for stopping by :)
I would definitely wear that look (though i don't have your legs) !!! Self made skirt looks fab! And what a color!

veg4life said...

Love that top!! And I have a skirt like the same exact color, so when i visit we need to be twins! :)